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Easter Hours for all stores: Thurs (4/2) 9am-7pm, Fri (4/3) 8am-7pm, Saturday (4/4) 8am-6pm, (4/5) Easter Sunday - CLOSED
Andy from Lady Bug Naturals Brand is coming to our Coursey Blvd. store on Saturday, April 4th at 9:30AM to chat about Container Gardening!
Paint a masterpiece with our beautiful annuals & perennials! Your chosen medium is flowers & your canvas... your backyard!
Our hours have changed! Mon-Thu: 9am-6pm, Fridays: 9am-7pm, Saturdays: 8am-6pm and Sundays: 9am-6pm

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Brown Patch

Brown patch is a fungal disease that presents a serious threat to lawns early spring to fall. It is most likely to occur as daytime temperatures are between 75 and 85 degrees and nighttime temperatures are in the 60's with wet and overcast conditions.

The ABC's of Azaleas

Azaleas are the most popular blooming evergreen shrub in the gulf south. Azaleas come in many shapes, sizes and bloom colors and are an excellent addition to any landscape.

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AzaleasWe have a great selection of the best varieties for our area.
Valid 3/27 - 4/02/2015
Specials on our Blooming Tropicals!
Valid 3/27 - 4/02/2015


Container Gardening with Andy from Lady Bug Brand at 9:30AM

Louisiana Nursery presents: Container Gardening with Andy from Lady Bug Natural Brand! This is a GREAT opportunity to learn the ways to container success! Stop by the Coursey Blvd. store on Saturday, April 4th at 9:30AM! Visit the Events page for further details please.

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Container Gardening Ideas (12)

Jamie Durie live at Louisiana Nursery in Baton Rouge. Jamie highlights a number of plants that look good and perform well in containers.